Rare Birds – Top Five Pioneers of “Rock” Violin…..# 5

Posted: October 21, 2012 by Dale Nickey in List


 David LaFlamme –  It’s A Beautiful Day

Epic Track – “White Bird”

David LaFlamme was born to a Mormon mother and was a classically trained violinist. He formed the band “It’s A Beautiful Day” with his wife Linda LaFlamme. They were contemporaries of Santana, Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead during the 1960’s “Summer of Love” but failed to achieve their deserved level of popularity due to terrible management. They did manage one classic song, “White Bird”. LaFlamme’s soaring violin lines and vocals were vital to the drama and beauty of this epic track. For many rock fans “White Bird” was their first exposure to the electric violin as a viable rock music instrument. Ironically, LaFlamme is now best known as the obnoxious, overbearing restaurant violinist on the T.V. show Frasier.

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  1. Chuck Kostka says:

    Love their music. ‘White Bird’ and ‘Long Summer Days’ are on my mp3 player. Always like the first incarnation of McKendree Spring too.

  2. Patti Hurlbut says:

    Dale!! You just made my day! I was just recently talking to someone about this song. And now here it is! I never heard a live version before just the studio version on the record. I can always count on you to bring good music out from obscurity!

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  4. Haydn Vitera says:

    This is awesome! I’m a rock violinist as well venturing into the land of crossover Latin Alternative Rock and just want to thank you for turning me on to someone I hadn’t heard of before. I personally don’t know why the violin hasn’t exploded in popular rock music yet, but we’re workin on it ;-). Rock on brother and thanks!

  5. Bruce Harris says:

    I saw the inaugural performance of a tour in 1970. They were terrible. After a very long period and after all but about 200 of the 5,000 attendees had departed, they came back out, as their manager demanded that they do it all over. The do over was great.

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